Fist Congregational Church

Women's Ministries

The purpose of the Women’s Fellowship shall be to enlist the women of the church in a fellowship of worship, education, and giving, to work with the ministries and missions of the church as it serves the cause of Christ in this church, our community and throughout the world, sharing God’s love through service.

Quarterly Potluck Planning Meetings are scheduled from 6-7:30pm in the Fireside Room, during which we enjoy a light fare, fellowship, and plan for the upcoming quarter. All women are invited to attend and take part in guiding the direction of Women’s Fellowship. 2018 Meetings: Jan.15, Apr. 9, Jul. 9, Oct. 1st.


TWO retreats just wrapped up the fall schedule, both great opportunities. Check back for information on upcoming retreats.


Our Fireside Room is a wonderfully warm and comforting place for friends and family to gather in times of grief. Participation in hosting and serving refreshments as needed, is welcomed. Gracious hospitality offered at times of loss is truly a ministry of love and support.


Women’s Fellowship transforms lives of both church and community students who pursue learning through a college, university, vocational school, or graduate school. Applications may be submitted online via the link which will be featured below early each year.

The application process for 2018 is now complete.

FCC Student Scholarships:

Women’s Fellowship annually awards scholarships to FCC students who are actively involved in our church, either present or past, and who are planning to attend an institution of higher learning. Church membership is not required, but an active church life shall be the significant criterion. Scholarship winners are welcome to reapply each year, as they progress through their program.

TC Community Student Scholarships:

Each year, FCC Women’s Fellowship will award at least two scholarships to Seniors graduating from a Traverse City High School, who are not affiliated with our church.

Dickens’ Christmas – November 3, 2018 9am-3pm

Dickens’ Christmas is our annual Christmas Arts and Crafts Bazaar, held on the first Saturday in November. Proceeds benefit local and global missions, as well as college scholarships for local students.

Interested in being a vendor at this event? Please click here for complete information and to apply online!

Fellowship Events

A variety of events are scheduled to provide opportunities for celebrative fellowship, learning, and spiritual growth. We recently enjoyed an outing on the Tall Ship Manitou.

Annual Sponsorship

FCC Women’s Fellowship is honored to partner with Lenna’s Ladybugs and TC Single Momm Ministry, as an annual sponsor. Our yearly donation to these two groups will accomplish abundantly more than we can imagine.

Lenna’s Ladybugs is an organization dedicated to clothing God’s kids, one child at a time. This 501c3 started in Oct. 2012 after the death of Lenna Moser. Prior to her death, Lenna traveled to Haiti and developed a huge heart for the children there. After her death, a Small Group Bible study decided to do something in her honor and memory. They began making t-shirt dresses to be sent to the little girls in Haiti. Soon, they added headbands and barrettes to the packages, then underwear and head scarves. The older girls also receive a purse crocheted from recycled grocery bags. Each Ladybug dress has a tiny Ladybug button sewn onto the left shoulder. By the fall of 2013 they began working with new boy’s shorts, shirts and underwear. The younger boys also receive a toy car, when available.

This ministry has now expanded, sending clothing packets to 8 different countries, 12 different missions, located in Haiti, Honduras, El Salvador , Costa Rica, Uganda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, and Kenya. After going to ICOM in 2016, they have 15 more missions that need clothing packages, in many more countries! A small group of ladies has expanded into other churches and other states. The video below illustrates Lenna’s Ladybugs ministry; featuring photos in the beginning of Lenna’s time in Haiti.

TC Single Momm Ministry

Connecting changes everything. This ministry is a community on a mission to ignite hope, healing, and confidence within single moms. 9.9 million families in the U.S. are lead by single moms. On average a single mom has 17.2 minutes a day to herself. You may have heard single moms are more prone to poverty, depression, and troubled kids. This non-profit ministry is changing that. Since 2008, they have helped single moms RISE UP. No longer do the words rejected, inadequate, and hopeless resonate with these single moms. RISING UP out of abuse, poverty, and self-doubt these single moms are strong, confident, and whole.
Our sponsorship donation will help fund conference registrations, materials, training, and more for single moms in our community.