Fist Congregational Church


SALT: Senior Adults Learning Together

Opportunities for our aged 64+ members to enjoy additional fellowship, programming and service opportunities tailored for them.
For question regarding this ministry, please contact Dr. Gary Hogue 231.947.5899

Sunday Church Transportation: The SALT Ministry team is reaching out to coordinate driving members to Sunday services.  If you are interested in either getting a ride or offering to drive a member, please call Marlene or email  

Book Study:

Current Weekly Study:

Every Wednesday at 4:00 P.M. in the Chapel

All religions and worldviews seek to answer the fundamental questions of human existence: Why am I here? What does it mean to be human? Why is there evil in the world and how do we deal with it? But not every worldview places equal emphasis on each issue. The main worldviews each tend to stress a different central question.

Secular humanism focuses on: What is the inherent value of human beings?

Pantheism emphasizes: How do we escape suffering?

Islam?s main concern is: How is God great?

Abdu Murray digs deeply into these three representatives of major worldviews of our day: secular humanism, pantheism and theism (specifically in the form of Islam). This lawyer and former Muslim brings compassion, understanding and clarity to his analysis, comparing the answers of each view to the central message of Christianity.

Here are some topics we will explore:

  • What Truth Costs
  • The Secular Truth
  • Saying Nothing as Loud as We Can
  • Will the Real Humanism Please Stand Up?
  • Pantheism & Pain, Escaping the Escapism
  • From Whence Comes God’s Greatness?
  • God’s Greatness and the Preservation of the Gospel
  • God’s Triune Greatness
  • Greatness Incarnate, A Worldview that Views the Whole World