Fist Congregational Church


SALT: Senior Adults Learning Together

Opportunities for our aged 64+ members to enjoy additional fellowship, programming and service opportunities tailored for them.
For question regarding this ministry, please contact Dr. Gary Hogue 231.947.5899

Sunday Church Transportation: The SALT Ministry team is reaching out to coordinate driving members to Sunday services.  If you are interested in either getting a ride or offering to drive a member, please call Marlene or email 

Current Study:

This group currently meets in the Chapel every Wednesday at 4pm for a book study, followed by dinner at 5:15pm.

Upcoming Activities:

Advance Care Planning Workshop, Nov 14th 3:30-4:30 p.m. sponsored by Munson Medical Center at Senior Center, 801 E Front At any age, a medical crisis could leave someone too ill to make individual healthcare decisions. This could be the result of disease or severe injury, no matter the age.  If you have not begun the advanced-care planning process, take this opportunity to give your loved ones the gift of knowing your wishes.  

Lady Bird Deed in Estate Planning:  Yes or No, Nov 29th 10:30-11:30 a.m. sponsored by Front Street Foundation, 801 E Front St. Hear about “Lady Bird Deeds,” and their potential use as an estate planning tool for real estate holdings.  

Advanced registration required for both events.  231-922-4911.